Accessory navicular syndrome often leaves people feeling like they have a rock stuck in their shoe, in the same spot, all the time. Sounds like torture, right? We think so too.

People with accessory navicular syndrome have an extra piece of bone or cartilage on the inner edge of their foot just above the arch. It is present at birth and not part of the normal bone structure of the foot, therefore not needed for functionality. However, that doesn’t mean it always goes unnoticed.

While some people with this condition are unaware of it, others may develop a painful condition known as accessory navicular syndrome. This happens when the extra piece of bone and/or posterior tibial tendon is aggravated, causing pain and inflammation in the foot. These aggravations can happen from:

  • Trauma (foot or ankle sprain)
  • Chronic irritation from footwear rubbing against the extra bone/cartilage
  • Excessive activity or overuse of foot

Accessory navicular syndrome can leave you with a throbbing and painful sensation around the arch of your foot. If you have a visible, bony prominence, redness or swelling, or even vague pain around your arch, you may have an accessory navicular.

There are several treatments, surgical and non-surgical, that have to be tailored to your specific needs. At ProActive Foot & Ankle, you can expect nothing but the best treatment. Whether your condition will require surgery, or you just need to change your everyday footwear, you will receive the best care possible.

Nonsurgical approaches include placing the foot in a boot or cast to allow the area time to heal, regular icing of the problem area, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory prescribed drugs (sometimes accompanied by oral or injected steroid medications), physical therapy, and orthotic devices.

If repeated use of nonsurgical treatments fails to relieve the symptoms, surgery may be recommended. This would include removing the accessory bone/cartilage and reshaping the area to improve its function.

Since everybody with an accessory navicular growth can experience it differently, the treatment will be tailored completely to you and your needs with our full attention.

For more information on accessory navicular syndrome or to schedule an appointment at ProActive Foot & Ankle, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today!