Sesamoids are bones that are connected to muscles by tendons. They differ from most bones in the body, which are connected to each other at joints. Sesamoiditis occurs when the tendons attached to sesamoids become inflamed.

The main symptom of sesamoiditis is pain that develops under the ball of the foot. The pain tends to build gradually, and you may notice some swelling or bruising.

Sesamoiditis can make it difficult to straighten or bend your big toe. It may even hurt to move that toe. You may also have a “pop” sensation in your big toe when you walk.

Sesamoiditis usually results from the overuse of the tendons involved with the small bones in the front of the foot. The tendons also can become inflamed if they experience repeated trauma, such as wearing high heels or shoes that fit poorly.

Treatments options vary depending on the severity.

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